November 2017

Cold long November weekend in Copenhagen, one of the European capitals that I had been looking forward to visiting since a few years ago. Did I want to see the castles, the canals, the classic buildings, the shops …? Yes, but the real driver was Mikkeller and his beer. I read an article in a magazine some time ago about his story and I could not wait to go there and spend quite a few Euros tasting his creations.

I really liked this city and its atmosphere, a good mix of classic and modern architecture, beautiful palaces and castles, bicycles everywhere, Scandinavian kitchen and yes, beer is really good (Carlsberg excluded).

I have chosen for this post a mix of typical postcards of the city and some other unusual moments that caught my eye.

Copenhagen Central Station
Copenhagen Central Station
Christiansborg Palace
Christiansborg Palace
The Royal Danish Opera House
Rosenborg Castle
Letter box
Fredericksborg Castle


The Little Mermaid



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