May and September 2017

A few months ago I wrote that I could not choose between Oxford and Cambridge because I had only visited the first one. Things have changed now and even though I really like Oxford, Cambridge is my choice and before I visit Bath for the second time, I think it is probably my favourite place in the UK.

I had the opportunity to visit this beatiful city twice in 2017 and I could see different aspects of it. I would say I enjoyed much more my second visit on which I stayed overnight and I could experience a calmer and more mysterious side of a city after the day trip tourists abandon its streets (to go back to London?). The narrow and cobbled lanes become quiet, barely illuminated and you can feel their essence and personality.

I will let my photos speak now as I am not so good with words.

St John’s College
St John’s College
St John’s College
St John’s College
Green St
Trumpington St
Queens Lane
Pembroke St
Fitzwilliam St
Silver St
Coe Fen
River Cam
St John´s St
Trinity Lane
Great St Mary ‘s Church
College life
King´s College

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