Being based in Birmingham, Brighton is not an easy place to go. Not a direct train, a long drive and an impossible bus journey, so that will be my excuse to have waited 3 years to visit this iconic city.

Some people would say I can´t make things easy so taken into account what I said before, which mean of transport did I use to get to Brighton? I walked 100K in less than 20 hours from London …

You will understand that my legs were not very happy about that so I wasn´t in the best condition to explore the city but I just had to push myself again because it was definitely worth it. Brighton has a very strong personality and atmosphere, a mix of classic elegance and derelict mass tourism.

All in all, it works very well because everybody can find something to do in Brighton. Busy bars for a crazy night out, nice independent coffee shops and bars, fine dining restaurants and so many fish and chips options.

I am very glad I did my 100K challenge but I am also glad it finished in Brighton to have the opportunity to finally spend a couple of days in this unique city.


West St.
Royal Pavilion
Royal Pavilion
Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier
British Airways i360
West Pier
Hove Lawns
Brighton beach



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