May 2018

People have different opinions about second chances but for me Edinburgh will always be “the city of the second chance”. My first visit to this popular destination was not in May 2018, it was June 2012, which now seems to have been ages ago.

Of course at that time I was a different person and a very different photographer. I just went through the photos I took back then, only 1 year after I bought my first DSLR camera and now I am not very impressed with myself!

I think it was mainly due to the high expectations I had before my first trip and, to be fair, the weather back then did not help at all. In any case, now I still I can´t understand why I didn´t enjoy that much this incredible city.  Since I moved to the UK back in 2015, a second chance for Edinburgh was always on the back of my mind and finally in May this year I went for an unexpected long weekend there.

This post will show more photos than usual and I could have posted quite a few more, but I think this is a good selection to show how much I enjoyed this second chance. Edinburgh has a lot to offer and not only what you can find in the typical touristic ways: nice bars, local markets, street food and at least in May, excellent weather!


Forth Bridge
The Kelpies
Fettes College
Views from Calton Hill
Dean Village
Circus Lane
Saint Stephen’s Stockbridge
Cowgate from George IV Bridge


Edinburgh Castle
Royal Mile
Cockburn St
Advocates Close
Warriston’s Close
Heriot Row

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